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Walter L. "Mickey" Presha

On behalf of all the dedicated men and women of MCRHS, I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our updated Web site. We’re proud of our organization and of the service we provide to our community.

MCRHS is a private, not-for-profit medical group with 44 physicians, 21 locations and more than 325,000 patient encounters annually—including the delivery of more than half of the newborns in Manatee County.

For 30 years, MCRHS has served the poor and underserved in our communities with the mentality of a “provider of choice.”

Our group is not only compassionate, but also innovative, creating home-grown health care reform since the very beginning, when a group of concerned citizens leased an abandoned schoolhouse for $1 to open our first office.

Since then, we have become a model of community-based care and preventive education that has been studied nationwide. Our achievements include:

  • Forming a JCAHO-accredited community medical group;
  • Developing our own centers that remove barriers and place exceptional care within reach of all members of our communities, regardless of income or insurance status;
  • Establishing an innovative sliding-scale program that provides the poor the dignity that comes with helping to pay for their care;
  • Opening the most affordable pharmacies in the region; and
  • Creating a discount medical plan to help small businesses and the working uninsured.

It has been my privilege to provide leadership for this fine medical group since 1984. With the support of a dedicated board of directors, our providers and staff have consistently provided a quality of care that can only be attained by those with a true sense of mission and a sincere interest in caring for the needs of others. Their passion for quality service gives me confidence that the success that we have enjoyed to date will continue and grow in the new decade.