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Position: Mobile Healthcare Driver
Location: Bradenton, FL
Date of Vacancy: 04/01/18
Closing Date: Open until filled
Job Summary:

Responsible for all maintenance and operation of a light bus / truck. Responsible for driving the vehicle to pre-determind sites for scheduled medical treatment of MCR patients. Responsible for parking and securing the vehicle at the site. Responsible for all operator level maintenance and records of the assigned vehicle. Responsible for other maintenance activities within the department as needed. 


·         Assigned drivers are responsible for ensuring that the them are maintained to the manufacturer's specifications and to the standards set by the .

·         Assigned drivers are responsible for completing daily inspections of his/her assigned vehicles.

·         Authorized drivers assigned to operate the organization's vehicles are the cuof that vehicle for the maintenanceand safety of that vehicle when the is dispatched to them.

·         Responsible for operating the vehicle in a safe manner and obeys all traffic laws (to include DOT regulations).

·         Must have a clean Florida driving record

·         Must meet all insurance coverage requirements set by MCR insurance carrier

·         Must be able to make sound and timely decisions while operating the delivery vehicle

·         Must possess a valid operator’s license for the State of Florida. A minimum though CDL is preferred.


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