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In 1978, MCRHS was chartered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation through the combined efforts of the Florida State Department of Health, Education & Welfare, the local Health Department and the following community leaders:

M. C. Quattlebaum
Annie L. Williams
Florence Hudson
Tom Strickland
Walter L. "Mickey" Presha
Stanley McKinney
Virginia Stafford
Rev. Carlton Sheley
Sandy Barnett
Eugene Dennis
Layon F. Robinson II
Alice M. Jackson
Marianita Auguiano
Harold Whitcomb
Claude R. Howell
Tom Foskey
Dora Jones
Lamar Parrish
Willie J. Clemmons, Jr.

In December of 1979, MCRHS opened its first healthcare center, and by 1980, added a second site in Samoset. In 1983 the first MCRHS obstetrical program was established. By August 1984, Mr. Walter L.Presha became the new President & CEO of the organization.

March 1993, marked the continued expansion of MCRHS healthcare centers. North Manatee Family Health Care Center opened, which continues to serve residents in the northwestern portion of Manatee County.

Two years later, East Manatee Family Health Care Center proved ready to service patients, and in August of 1997, the Southeast Family Health Care Center was prepared to do the same.

As the need for health care service continued to grow, MCRHS met the demand by opening seven additional centers. The Michael Bach Health Center, formerly Samoset Healthcare Center, opened in February 2000, specializing in infectious disease. The Arcadia Family Health Care Center began seeing patients in August of the same year, marking the first expansion beyond the boundaries of Manatee County. Health Park East, specializing in obstetrics, opened in September 2002, and Alpha Therapy, specializing in the treatment of automobile accident victims, opened in December of 2002. In April 2003, North County Family Health Care Center was added in Sarasota County; and in August of that year, Lawton Chiles Family Health Care Center was expanded to include a dental facility.

Since 2004, the organization has continued to add new centers and services which includes: Chiropractic Services, Palmetto Healthcare Center (Family Practice) Manatee Pediatrics, Westgate OB/GYN, Community Care Health Center (Family Practice) Arcadia OB/GYN, Edgar H. Price Family Healthcare Center (Family Practice, Pediatrics and OB/GYN) Lakewood Ranch OB/GYN, Riverview and Foot and Ankle (Podiatry), USF Perinatology (High–risk pregnancies), and General Surgery.

Manatee County Rural Health Services, Inc. now operates nineteen healthcare centers and two administrative sites.

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